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SEM88 – 8 Port Serial Switch V1

SSH Console Serial Switch with Environmental Monitoring 8-port SSH Console Serial Switch with AC power. Connect up to 8 devices with different baud rates, parity, and character length. Supports two environment monitoring sensors. The device is designed to transmit serial communication and monitoring of climate change (by temperature). The device is built to meet the […]

Elektronik.si Power Supply PC Program

Program is programmed in Visual Studio with C# programming language. You can control power supply voltage, limits etc. current with real time operations. Displaying graphs and automatic data storage, measurement U / I characteristics of LEDs. For more information about this program you can found http://elektronik.si.

Elektronik.si Power Suppply Program

USB LCD Termometer Program

This is the new version of the program for USB LCD thermometer. Details: displaying a graph, the choice of the interval for the X-axis (Date – Time), the interval for Y-axis is automatic, storing the graph in the figure, showing the internal and external temperatures, the UDP client, recording the temperature and the MySQL database […]

USB LCD Thermometer Program Ver2