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SEM88 Sensor 1

As a basis is used LPC812 microcontroller. Sensors implement communication with microcontroller via the I2C bus. For communication with the sensor device is used RS485 communication. CPU is associated status indication are 6 LEDs. Remote Temperature, Humidity, & Airflow Sensor 12′ Cord Humidity Sensor: Accuracy (normal range): +/- 2% RH at 25°C Temp Sensor +/- […]



SEM88 – 8 Port Serial Switch V1

SSH Console Serial Switch with Environmental Monitoring 8-port SSH Console Serial Switch with AC power. Connect up to 8 devices with different baud rates, parity, and character length. Supports two environment monitoring sensors. The device is designed to transmit serial communication and monitoring of climate change (by temperature). The device is built to meet the […]