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USB LCD Thermometer ATmega32u2

USB LCD thermometer uses microcontroller ATmega32u2 (TQFP32).  ATmega16u2 can also be used, it is recommended  using microcontroller ATmega32u2 which has 32k Flash memory. USB (USB 2.0 Full-Speed) periphery is also used to programming, since the microcontroller is pre-loaded with DFU bootloader. It can be programmed with the FLIP. This means that AVR programmer  is not […]

USB LCD Thermometer

USB LCD Thermometer Program Ver2

USB LCD Termometer Program

This is the new version of the program for USB LCD thermometer. Details: displaying a graph, the choice of the interval for the X-axis (Date – Time), the interval for Y-axis is automatic, storing the graph in the figure, showing the internal and external temperatures, the UDP client, recording the temperature and the MySQL database […]